I'm looking for a form of figurative painting in which paint and brush move freely, spiritedly and unaffected, despite being concrete, and don't freeze in awe of the realistic motif. When the light sweeps over the things of the world, then there must also be a certain lightness and flow to the painting of reality that permeates things, much like riding a bicycle requires a basic speed in order not to fall over.


Here you can find the next possibilities to see my work on a real wall:


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New Paintings

The motifs are all moments and situations in which the viewer can immerse himself, rest and feel good. You can fill up on warmth, peace and strength from these pictures, a complete package that enriches the owner and accompanies him for a lifetime.


Selected Articles

My "Secret Garden" has always been painting, where I can be with myself, recharge my batteries and create worlds at the same time...