About me


I work with pure egg tempera on wooden panels. Based on mostly private photographs, my painting deals with the problem of creating a three-dimensional illusion space on the surface in such a way that it clearly appears as painting at the same time. By relating surface and figure to one another in such a way that they flow into one another, sometimes without any clear delimitation, I manage to allow both perspectives. My pictures therefore appear almost photographically real from a distance, but dissolve when you get closer and literally close themselves off to the viewer. I approach reality, but only formulate it up to a certain point, only to break it again through the traces of my painting. This leaves the viewer with the freedom to bring their own reality into the picture, to see it finished for themselves.


1962 Born in Munich
1984 – 1990 Studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, diploma since
1992 Study visits to southern France and Italy
1995 Publication of the graphic portfolio "Via Aurelia" by D.P. Druck- und Publikations GmbH, Munich
2009 - 2012 New Group Membership
2017 Float glass painting in cooperation and at the invitation of the Mayer'schen Hofkunstanstalt, Munich

Michael Dillmann lives and works in Thanning, south of Munich.