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1995 Michael Dillmann -Via Aurelia-sequence of 9 coloured lino prints - catalogue - D.P- Druck und Publikations-GmbH, Munich
2000 Michael Dillmann - Kunst und Kultur zu Hohenaschau - catalogue of the exhibition- 10 images, text by Reinhard Müller-Mehlis
2006 Realität und Sichtbarkeit - 7 positions, catalogue of the exhibition, Gallery Epikur, Wuppertal
2008 Hans Sieverding, Hans Schüle, Michael Dillmann - Brochure of the exhibition, Gallery Epikur, Wuppertal Text by Carolin Linnsen:
2012 Newsfrom Stillness, Amacher Contemporary, Munich

Michael Dillmanns work characterizes the pure merging of form and space, positive and negative. His subjects are coming out of the ground of painting, but at the same time are totally integrated into the body of the picture. Dillmann creates a base by applying many coats to the canvas. The hasty weave of the brush and continuation of colour without using rigid contours that enclose the figures create the images of his work.

Dillmanns work reminds one of the sketchiness of 19th Century impressionists. Timeless motives, such as rowing boats, nudes and street scenes, are captured in dynamic and loose brushstrokes. Dillmann brings a new dynamic and mood to everyday scenes of daily life far removed from the fast moving spirit of today.

*Together -catalogue of the exhibition at Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts in Amman text by Eva Müller www.kunstberatung.de